27 - 28 September, 2016
Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview, Singapore , Singapore

Walter Lee

Head, Innovation & Incubation

11:00 Roundtable Discussion 1: Analysing management styles and their correlation with the organization’s ability to innovate

  • Top 3 leadership issues with driving Research Innovation
  • Demonstrating successful Research Innovation practices. (e.g Build an open innovation platform, engage external speakers, hire experienced innovators, redesign the office environment, enhance training)
  • How do different leadership/management styles affect the success of Research Innovation within the company and industry

16:30 Panel 1: Discussing the role innovation plays in the uncertain global economy

Capital expenditure is under tight control and staying alive is the goal for many businesses. How do you justify innovation spending instead of investing in other profitable new ideas with faster ROIs.
  • The top 3 challenges in establishing mutually beneficial partnership for knowledge transfer
  • How do you align different stakeholder expectations to produce the most desirable outcomes for the company
  • What are the lessons learnt to apply in the journey moving forward

11:00 Research agencies and businesses: collaborate, complement or compete?

  • Learn to harness from the best of minds to innovate and build effective partnerships
  • Discuss ways to engage in constructive collaboration and collaborative networks while tapping on competitive energies
  • Translating vision into action for quicker transfer of applicable knowledge between research agencies and businesses

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Walter.

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