27 - 28 September, 2016
Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview, Singapore , Singapore

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Optimising Knowledge Transfer to Empower Research and Innovation

Knowledge transfer is one of several critical enablers for research innovation, especially successful partnerships and long-term collaboration between universities and private companies. One organization with a unique approach to knowledge transfer is UNSW Innovations, which has successfully established 43 partnerships to empower research and innovation. To learn more, we speak...

Secrets & Tips to Driving Innovation Through Culture & The Creation of an Agile Business Environment

Big companies want to create an agile business environmentso as to drive innovation. But what are their secrets to creating this kind ofbusiness culture and how did they do it? In this Insights, Zia Zaman (ChiefInnovation Officer Lumenlab, Metlife Asia), Daniel Dahlmeier (Research Lead,SAP Innovation Centre Network, Singapore) and Viktor...

Effectively Partnering With Start-ups to Supercharge Innovation: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Whilst corporations and start-ups are looking for the perfect partners to supercharge their businesses, such partnerships are rarely problem free due to differences in organisational culture, often leading to frustration and sometimes even failure. One man exploring solutions is Hugh Mason, CEO and Founder of JFDI.Asia, a venture partner that...

Improving Research Partnerships & Collaboration – Insights with Telstra’s Chief Scientist

Telstra has a heavily-invested presence in research innovation in Australia, having committed to multiple research partnerships and corporate ventures. To learn how Telstra supports communication channels between businesses and researchers to strengthen research partnerships, we speak with Telstra’s Chief Scientist, Dr Hugh Bradlow.

What Makes Successful Research Partnerships?

While many universities, government bodies and private sector companies focus on how to build successful research partnerships, University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Innovation (ACIIC) has taken on the unique role of facilitating collaboration between knowledge users and producers. To learn more about the success factors for research collaborating, we...